A powerful signal: 100,000 Europeans are fed up with unfair chocolate!

100,000 consumers from all over Europe are sending a clear message to the chocolate industry: We are fed up with eating chocolate that contains hunger, poverty and exploitative child labour. Together we demand from the chocolate industry to improve the living conditions of cocoa farmers.

Strong together!
100,000 signatures are a great success that would not have been possible without the support of the many activists, multipliers and more than 100 partner organizations from 16 European countries. With great commitment they have filled the campaign Make Chocolate Fair! with life. At numerous events, activities, exhibitions, and a spectacular chocomobile-tour across Europe they have sensitized the public to the injustices in cocoa farming and have convinced people to support the demands of Make Chocolate Fair! with their signature.

We continue to collect: Will we reach 120,000 signatures until December?
We take the campaign’s momentum and continue collecting signatures until December: Will we reach 120,000 signatures until the beginning of December? In the beginning of December we will together with representatives from cocoa organizations from the Ivory Coast hand all collected signatures over to the Association of Chocolate, Biscuit and Confectionery Industries of Europe (COABISCO). Support us to collect even more signatures for fair chocolate until then! The more people that sign the campaign’s petition, the harder it gets for the chocolate industry to ignore our demands.

Send your collected signatures until 23rd of November to:

INKOTA-netzwerk, Wiebke Thomas, Chrysanthemenstraße 1-3, 10407 Berlin, Germany