Start of the campaign

09/17/2013 - 17:54

The Make chocolate fair! campaign was launched on the 12th of June - on the World Day Against Child Labour 2013. Various public and media events took place in Germany, Austria and Estonia.

Child labour is still a serious problem in cocoa production. Millions of children work in cocoa fields, of which hundreds of thousands work under exploitative conditions. Make chocolate fair! vehemently opposes this abusive situation and demands fair conditions for cocoa farmers.

Activists calling chocolate companies to account in Berlin

INKOTA-activists called attention to the severe imbalances in global chocolate production by setting up a huge balance scales in front of Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. The scene: a sack of cocoa containing a huge chocolate bar weighs down heavily on the shoulders of a child. On the other side of the scales, activists pull hard on a rope - their combined efforts trying to hold chocolate companies accountable for the imbalance. Slowly, the weight lifts off the shoulders of the child while the arrow on the display swings from “Exploitation” to “Responsibility”. Media coverage of the event included press reports and a radio interview to mark the start of the campaign.

Estonia: creative writing workshop and social media activities

The campaign launch in Estonia focused primarily on spreading the core campaign messages in social media. Three campaign slogans, developed in a Loesje workshop, are used as posters and web banners for an extended time period. On the 12th of June, campaign activists discussed injustice in the chocolate industry and distributed posters at public sites in four cities: Tallinn, Tartu, Pärnu and Kärdla. Over the course of several days, the NGO Mondo is calling for people to share campaign posters on its Facebook page. Those who share the posters will be entered into a lottery, and winners will be awarded fair trade cocoa products. Interviews conducted with people on the streets of Tallinn on the topic chocolate and child labour were uploaded on YouTube and promoted widely. A radio interview and an article in the national newspaper covered the launch in Estonia.

Public events in Austria

The launch of the Make Chocolate Fair! Campaign took place in Austria on the occasion of the World Day against child labour on the 12th of June with events in several cities. The events aimed to raise awareness and inform consumers about unfair and precarious working and production conditions in cocoa cultivation, which also cause exploitative child labour.

„We see much support from consumers and also media, who paid much attention on our press release. Already more than 1.000 people signed our petition and declared their support for our four demands“, states Bernhard Zeilinger from Südwind, coordinator of the Make Chocolate Campaign in Austria.