Make Chocolate Fair!
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Every organized group(e.g. One World Shop, parishes or students initiative) and every organisation can become an offical support and thus an active promoter of Make Chocolate Fair!. The campaign thrives on active groups and organisations that draw attention to the global injustices in the cocoa business in their networks and spread the message of Make Chocolate Fair!

The campaign currently has 60 offical supporters. Many of these groups have been involved since the beginning of the campaign in 2013. As an offical supporter co-sponsor, you will appear with your logo on the Make Chocolate Fair! website and thus publicly support the demands of the campaign with your name. At the same time, you can refer to the campaign by including our logo on your website.

In addition, we regularly inform you about current developments in the cocoa sector in our supporters newsletter which is published about four times a year.

As an official supporter you will also hear first from us about current campaign activities, events or possibilities to participate in the campaign.

You are interested in a co-sponsorship? Here you will find all the important information.


Our Supporters/Promoters

Alle Mitträger der Kampagne Make Chocolate Fair! distanzieren sich von Hass, Gewalt, Rassismus und Diskriminierung und setzen sich für Frieden, Gerechtigkeit und Toleranz ein.


Make Chocolate Fair!
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